About the photographer:

Camilla Longva is a Norwegian photographer based in Shanghai, China. She earned her bachelor degree in mandarin Chinese at the Univerity of Oslo, Beijing University and Fudan University in Shanghai, before she studied photography at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, mentored by Marcus Bleasdale, Arno Rafael Minkkinen and Linda Bournane Engelberth. She was the project manager for the graduate exhibition "Limbo - Identities in Transition" in 2015.

Seeing photography as a way to affect change, she works on shedding light on social issues, especially issues regarding gender and sexuality.

Coming from a family with long traditions of travelling, she grew up in part in Norway and spent 4 years of her youth circumnavigating the globe on a little boat with her family. In her adult life she has lived and worked in China and Norway, and speaks Chinese fluently in addition to English and Norwegian.